For over 20 years, Charlie orchestrated the refined and naturalistic plantings that distinguished the campus of Southern Progress Corporation where Southern Living magazine is published. There he honed his skills, elevating the landscape to a garden, and taking the craft of gardening to the level of art. He saw how plants and design impact the lives of spectators and participants alike, and he developed a personal style that looks good while being manageable. 

As his skills and insights grew, he began to contribute to Southern Living, helping readers see possibilities and understand the way to achieve them. Known for projects rooted in experience, Charlie can paint a pretty picture with plants. 

His wife and behind-the-scenes partner Cindy says, “I’ve been telling Charlie for years that he should branch out. He’s so talented and has such a following.” She recalls, “There is no way I would have encouraged him as an entrepreneur if I didn’t believe he has a perspective that no one else has.” 

Just as Charlie offered his creative ideas and designs to millions of readers, today he enjoys bringing them to life at the Garden Gallery and at the homes of their customers. Focusing on kitchen gardens, container gardens, and southern artists, the Garden Gallery offers an extra measure of delight for the ground outside each person’s door. “Gardening is not about weeding, planting, and watering,” Charlie reflects. “It is about the experiences you have while gardening—the rainbow, the hummingbird, the fall branch that turns red, and all the little miracles.”